Silver Support – Full RDS Bundle

Silver Support – Full RDS Bundle

Silver Support – Basic RDS Bundle is an additional support add-on for Servers such as Domain Controllers, File Servers, and Application Servers (except SQL).  It also includes support for the Remote Desktop Server/Virtual Desktop

Silver support includes:

  • Support for unavailable servers due to being powered off or unresponsive (does not include unresponsive due to virus)
  • Login issues
  • Basic Networking support
  • Basic Windows Support (including crashes and updates)
  • US only based Phone and Email support
  • Basic Group Policies and security assistance

Silver Support does not include:

  • Third Party Application support
  • Virus remediation
  • Backups (This is available as an add-on)

NOTE: Pricing is for the default configuration only.  If you are adding/removing servers to your configuration please contact us for a custom quote.

$500.00 / month